Approach of course development for cultivation of innovative capability of students at university


  • Jo-Peng Tsai, Yu-Gang Chen Far east University



Course design and development need to be considered in many aspects such as goals, features, resources and constraints of each institution. Furthermore, it should conform to society’s needs and should be improved according to the advances of knowledge. In order to cultivate students’ capabilities required by the needs of industry so that they can better cope with the severe competition in today’s knowledge economy era, schools should have the responsibility and endeavor to instruct students how to acquire innovative knowledge rapidly. In this paper, a framework of the corresponding method of course development for cultivating the innovative capability of students at university was proposed based on knowledge chain model. An example implemented at Far East University in Taiwan was used to illustrate the feasibility of the proposed method. The concept and framework proposed in this paper might be used as a reference and guideline to promote the education of TRIZ and patent related courses in university.



Author Biography

Jo-Peng Tsai, Yu-Gang Chen, Far east University

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering