Design of tofu pressing tool based quality function deployment: A case study


  • Anita Susilawati
  • Herisiswanto
  • Rahmad Fauzi



customer voice, innovation design, quality function depolyment, tofu pressing tool


This paper aims to design of innovative tofu pressing tool using the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) for increase the productivity of tofu in Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). A case study was conducted at Wardah Tahu factory, Indonesia. The QFD method was adopted that can integrate the customer voice into the design process. Based the customer voice is constructed the House of Quality (HOQ), which determine technical characteristics, the relationship between technical characteristics with the customer needs and obtain the design decision of tofu pressing tool. The result of technical characteristics that became parameters for the level of importance of design of tofu pressing tool.  The decision design of tofu press tool was resulted an innovative pneumatic system:  tofu mold covers using perforated plates, removable tofu mold covers, materials that were resistant to corrosion, electric actuators, simple switching system, hygienic, modular design, formability and machinability, and components were easy to find.