The Study on Interdependence Analysis of Product Design Attributes


  • Ya-Mei Chiang
  • Wen-Liang Chen



Fuzzy theory, Interpretive structural modeling (ISM), Hair dryer, Interdependence


With the improvement of customer awareness, companies have begun to develop various diversified and diversified designs in order to meet customer needs. Make the designer will face the challenge of a variety of customer needs, and then increase the difficulty of understanding. In order to effectively clarify the key design factors, and to clari-fy the complex interdependence between each other. Taking hair dryer as an example, this study applies Fuzzy In-terpretive Structural Modeling (FISM) to analyze the interdependence of product design attributes. The research results show that by analyzing the logical sequence of attributes and transforming them into structured association diagrams and hierarchical diagrams, designers can help designers clarify independent or dependent design factors, and can identify key elements and the mutual influence relationship between required attributes.