Unraveling the structure and trends of TRIZ approach in business and management: Bibliometric synthesis and future research directions


  • Irna Ishrat
  • Mohammad Hasan
  • Fateh Mohd Khan
  • Mohammad Yousuf Javed




Triz, Bibliometric, Business and management


The present study aims to bridge the gap and offer guidance for individuals without technical training to comprehend and utilize the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) in the realm of business and management. It provides a comprehensive overview of TRIZ methodology, its evolution, and how it has been adapted to address managerial issues. Additionally, the paper explores the prospects of TRIZ in business and management problem-solving domains. This review will facilitate the distinction between technical and non-technical creative TRIZ applications, empowering policymakers to make informed decisions. Bibliometric analysis methodologies are incorporated in the study using 253 publications obtained from the Scopus bibliometric search following a keyword protocol. Bibliometrix-R and VOSviewer software has been used for the intellectual analysis of top contributors, co-authorship and citation analysis. A bibliometric review followed a detailed literature review, including other relevant articles, which further provided the theoretical background, focus areas, research gaps and future research directions. Few TRIZ studies on non-technical core business problems focus more on the technical context. Company-based research on how different companies have used TRIZ and the type of strategy making the TRIZ methodology is also unclear. Previous researchers have studied management areas such as brand management, marketing segmentation, human resource retention, and product portfolio through the lens of TRIZ. However, financial aspects such as portfolio management, risk management, and strategic areas such as pricing policies have not received attention.The originality of this paper lies in the fact that it is the first bibliometric review of TRIZ literature in the field of business management, as well as the first attempt to review TRIZ to solve and manage non-technical problems. The paper highlights the need for more research on core business problems, financial aspects such as portfolio and risk management, and strategic areas such as pricing policies.


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