Dynamic hand gesture tracking and recognition: Survey of different phases


  • Shweta Saboo
  • Joyeeta Singha




Computer vision, Hand Gesture, Hand Gesture Dataset, Hand Tracking, Machine learning, Recognition


Hand gesture plays an important role in controlling various appliances and gadgets nowadays. Recognition of proper gesture with the help of various techniques is important for the functioning of the hardware interfaced with it. Work has been done on various steps of the process of hand gesture recognition. Starting with pre-processing, hand detection, tracking and feature extraction finally leads to classification and recognition. This paper provides a detailed review of state-of-art techniques used in recent hand gesture recognition techniques. We have also discussed advantages and disadvantages of various techniques used and the reason behind moving to another method used. It is hoped that this study might provide researchers a comprehensive description about the hand gesture recognition techniques which may help in fields of pattern recognition, computer vision and artificial intelligence.