TRIZ-based Study on Service Innovation of Certified Environmetal Education Facility


  • Hei-Ting Zhong 羅東地區水資源回收中心



Environmental education, TRIZ, Service quality, Ecotourism, Service innovation


The essence of environmental education is not only from understanding the environment to protecting the environment, from exploring methods to experiential learning, but also focusing on promoting outdoor teaching and eco-tourism. After the Environmental Protection Agency of the Executive Yuan issued the first environmental education site certification in 2011, it started the professionalization of environmental education and combined leisure tourism. Yilan County has been actively developingenvironmental education site certification and has achieved fruitful results. However, in recent years, it has encountered development difficulties or bottlenecks, resulting in the stagnation of the number of certified sites, which will affect the environmental education and tourism development in Yilan. These are the problems and motivations of this study. Therefore, this study establishes a service innovation framework for environmental education certification places by means of service quality and the characteristics of ecotourism. And through in-depth interviews, qualitative analysis and TRIZ methodology, the service innovation programs are devel-oped. Finally, the second round of in-depth interviews was conducted with the personnel in charge of environmental education at the two environmental education certification sites in Yilan County to realize the service innovation schemes. The results showed that the four-stage empirical procedure identified four groups of technical conflicts and physical conflicts; and developed 11 innovative schemes through TRIZ's business-management conflict matrix, physical conflict, separation principle, system transfer analysis, and invention principles. Among them, eight innovative schemes have been realized at Field A, while four have been realized at Field B.