The up-scaling organization structure - an integrative approach


  • Ahmad Ramdani Salim Postgraduate School of Pancasila University
  • Sutjipto Postgraduate School of Pancasila University
  • Zulkifli Postgraduate School of Pancasila University



Industry 4.0, Society 5.0, Up-scaling, Organization, Mintzber


The rapid digital change & development in various industry in the 21st century, are the main reasons underlying the importance of developing a breakthrough organization structure design. The consideration is based on balancing the technological capacity (industrial infrastructure up-scaling) and change management capability (organization up-scaling).

The research focuses on creating a design prototype for developing a new conceptual, organizational model, especially for the manufacturing industry sector based on Industry 4.0 technology integrated with a community platform based on digital connectivity, called Society 5.0. This up-scaling model, simulates plug-ins methodology that directly puts on the Techno-structure and Socio-structure aspects on an organizational platform based on the Henry Mintzberg’s configuration.

The design of the next generation of organizational structure as conceptual model has been formulated by applying the adaptive platform and up-scaling configuration based on manufacturing industry process base with digital integration and adaptation.