A Digital Maturity Model for Organizations: an Approach to Assessment and Case Study


  • Igor Merzlov Perm State National Research University
  • Elena Shilova Perm State National Research University




Digital maturity model, digitalization, digital transformation


The issues of digital transformation and digital maturity have continued to be relevant over the past few decades. It is difficult to state that there is a universal digital maturity model (DMM) simultaneously applicable for organizations, industries, regions, and countries. We have tried to develop a universal DMM. It is based on the assessment of the digitalization level of the core business processes, including internal and external. The model includes 5 levels. We tested the DMM on 126 organizations. The results showed that 45% of the organizations belong to the second level ('partial digitalization'). The advantages of the model are simplicity of use, applicability for organizations of different sizes and forms of ownership, and a relatively high degree of objectivity. Further testing of the DMM will be aimed at assessing the level of the digital maturity of industries and regions.