A Study of Applying TRIZ to Technological Patenting Strategies


  • Tien-Lun Liu
  • Shao-Ting Kuo




Under the trend of economic globalization, the new survival competitions among enterprises are their patenting capabilities and tactics. The enterprises not merely need patent improvements in “quantity” to protect their researches, but also in “quality” to develop crucial core patents for gaining profits from intellectual property. This study explores if patent analysis can be assisted via various methods in TRIZ, and further look into how patenting strategies can be carried out in depth or in breadth. S-curve Analysis and 9-windows Analysis should be used for patent trend examination. Evolutionary Trends and Knowledge/Effects may be applied to constructing technological patent roadmaps. In addition, Contradiction Analysis and Function and Attribute Analysis are beneficial for strategic patenting both in depth and in breadth. We also make several observations from the viewpoint of patenting patterns, and compare the similarities between design-around methods and TRIZ inventive principles in order to help construct an integrated patenting strategy.

Author Biography

Tien-Lun Liu

Assistant Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

St. John's University