Systematic method for roadmapping disruptive innovation in Fuzzy Front End of NPD



As an effective innovation method, disruptive innovation (DI) can be applied in a new firm to realize leaping-over development. Based on the technology evolution theory, the occurrence conditions of DI is put forward. In order to forecast and realize disruptive technologies during the process of product development, the basic laws and principles of DI are summarized. The paper offers a kind of innovation method of fuzzy front end (FFE) stage in new product development (NPD). The method marks out effective disruptive technologies in the end mostly relays on disruptive innovation and brings it as the final high quality idea of FFE. The adoption of this method makes the object of the initial stage in product development clearer and which is good for improving the effectiveness of innovation, advancing the mission success rate of product development. It especially fits for the new product development process of new enterprise to enter a mature market.