The Application of Modern TRIZ in the Analysis of Patent Defense of Functional Pot with Vertical Cover


  • Demou Zheng
  • Daohua Xu
  • Chia Hung Chen
  • Qin Zheng
  • Kaiqin Xu



How to defend the patent application effectively is not only the responsibility of the patent agency, but also requires the cooperation and active recognition of its applicant and its inventor,  for which there will be a greater chance of winning the defense. Since last August, the theories of the Strengthening and Regeneration of Systematic Patent Avoidance[1] that belongs to modern TRIZ, written by Xu Dongliang, a professor from National Tsinghua University, TRIZ’ s Golden Key to Innovation [2]  ,written by Sun Yongwei and other theoretical methods, were introduced to us, we attempt to apply functional analysis, functional attribute analysis, patent avoidance, patent reduction, and hierarchy view to the process of defense analysis. Therefore, it's believed that such methods play better guiding roles in the analysis of patent application defense and defense statement, improve the chance to win the defense, and help to get the patent grant, so it's worth a bold try.