To Enhance the Display Factory Flexibility of Material Management by Applying TRIZ


  • Heiu-Jou Shaw



ABSTRACTQuality, cost, delivery has been an important indicator of display manufacturing industry, with the display manufacturing industry, human control and production flexibility is also increasingly important. Many factories in order to control the manpower and production flexibility, some materials will choose factory-made, few components will choose to outsource, and finally the manufacture of the various components assembled into a monitor. There are many ways for outsourcing, including pure outsourcing foundry; with the tape material outsourcing; part of the material for outsourcing suppliers ..., All of these methods have affected the production elasticity and manpower utilization of the display factory. How to find the optimal management method for the key components of the display has become a very important issue.This research uses the theory of TRIZ to take the display factory as the research object and classify the key components of the display according to the contradiction between the quality, cost and delivery. The purpose is to find out the most suitable flexible material management.Keywords: Display, Production flexibility, TRIZ, Outsourcing management