Creative Engineering Design of Automotive Brake in Rainy Days Using TRIZ


  • Yung-Jun Weng
  • Chong-You Chen



This study resolves the brake of general automobiles in rainy days by using Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ). During the study, the use of commercially available motorcycles was explored. It is found through observation that the brake of automobiles generally consists of two braking systems. Also, the three most common compositions are double drum brake, front-disc and rear-drum brake and double disc brake. The targeted brake in this paper is the new type of disc braking system. Rainy days easily cause automotive brake failure and thus skidding. This paper carried out function analysis of the safety of the automotive braking system, and meanwhile used 39 Engineering Parameters and 40 Invention Principles and 76 Standard Solutions for a series of discussions. Eventually, such design as modifying discs was used to stabilize and enhance the braking capacity to ensure the automotive safety under different circumstances and increase the stability in running.