Effective New Product Development by Using Inventive Problem Solving Tools in Systematic Innovation Method


  • Song-Kyoo Kim Associate Professor




The research addresses the real-world problem about handicaps of plastic bottles when the hot liquid is filled in the plastic bottle and cooling with the closed cap. Idea screening and concept design are the core parts of the New Product Development. The paper provides the alternative approach for these core stages by using Systematic Innovation methods. The principles and concepts are discussed based on Systematic Innovation methodologies. It has been already applied several practical applications and gives the guidelines to adapt into new product development innovatively. The design of the new bottle system in the paper demonstrates the effectiveness and the significance by applying the systematic innovation method for generating the innovative concept design idea.


Author Biography

Song-Kyoo Kim, Associate Professor

Professor of Technology and Innovation

Al Hosn University, Abu Dhabi, UAE


2018-08-31 — Updated on 2020-04-17