Applying TRIZ Theory for Renewable Energy Design-A Case Study of Washing Machine


  • Tien-Ting Chiu



The quantity of water available in Taiwan is a very serious issue. Regardless of high annual rainfall, there are four possible reasons why Taiwan's water provision is out of balance. (1) uneven distribution of available water, (2)extreme fluctuations in the availability of water, (3) steep slopes, and (4) rapid runoff. Therefore, the aim of this study attempts to design creative design concepts, The research methods involved brainstorming, scenarios analysis, TRIZ theory with 6 Sigma method according to DMADV (define, measure, analyze, design, verify) 5 steps diagram and retrieving patent from Taiwan patent search. Questionnaire average scores up to 4.2 or more. Results of this study showed that a washing machine is important of renewable energy (Green energy). A washing machine is feasible to creative integration of renewable energy systems in the design of homes.