Applications of SAFC Analytical Model in Non-Technology Field


  • Wei Yao Zhejiang Univesity,China
  • Yueqi Sun School of Economics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou



SAFC analysis model, proposed by Zhang Wucheng, ZHAO Min etc (2014), is the short for “Substance-Attribute-Function-Cause analysis model”. Based on a few axioms, SAFC analysis model try to integrate traditional Function Analysis and Causal Analysis, and it significantly simplifies the analysis process of invention problem, both in technological or non-technological field. SAFC analysis model is applied for two case studies (Currency Imitation Prevention, Business Model Innovation of Alibaba) in non-technology field in this paper. It can be conclude that SAFC analysis model, combining the Material, Attribute. Functions and causality analysis together, will facilitate managers or engineers to incisively find produce harmful substances or functional attribute in non-technological/technical system components, and find the effective way to deal with those unnecessary attribute by effective operation, which greatly improves the efficiency of learning and using of TRIZ in non-technology field.

Author Biography

Wei Yao, Zhejiang Univesity,China

Associate Professor,Assistant to Dean,Research Institute of Development Strategy,Zhejiang University, China.P.R