Applying TRIZ Methodology to Develop the Probe Card Tester in Semiconductor Manufacturing


  • Chien-Yi Huang
  • Ting-Jue Jan
  • Chia-Cheng Wu



The test probe is commonly used in the IC manufacturing and packaging to screen the products with inferior electrical properties. This is essential to avoid costs of subsequent manufacturing and rework processes. The probes card accesses electrical signal and send to the tester. The probe card tester is used to ensure that the probe cards function properly. However, in the high frequency test environment, the effects of transmission line may influence the signal integrity. Also, the signal degradation may occur due to a relatively long transmission distance and results in a false failure.

In this research, the function analysis is used to identify the functional relationship among components of the system and explore the functional disadvantages. The substance field analysis is then employed followed by the assessment of standard solutions. The patent search helps generate specific solutions such as the network analyzer, the anisotropic conductive film and the capacitance touch technology. The results of ideality analysis indicated that the proposed solutions resolve the aforementioned issues effectively.