Solving the Problem of ARIZ Using ARIZ (Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving): Case Study on Pipeline Maintenance System Design


  • TriZit Benjaboonyazit Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology



ARIZ (Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving) is known as one of the most powerful innovation tools. However, it is too complicated to understand and apply. Various versions of extended and modified ARIZ have been proposed in the past with little success. The aim of this research is to simplify ARIZ by analyzing the problem of ARIZ and solving the key problems using ARIZ itself. As the result, a new version of ARIZ is presented in this paper. It helps facilitate the understanding and usage of problem solvers by integrating the 40 Inventive Principles and the MAR (Modify, Add, Remove) Operators into Part 1 of ARIZ. This makes ARIZ more user-friendly for solving general problem. This new version of ARIZ has been effectively demonstrated by using the problem of industrial pipeline maintenance system as a case study in which many practical ideas have come up during Part 1 of ARIZ and more ideal solution concept has been attained at the latter parts.