Conforms with QFD, TRIZ and Bicycle of Chain Wheel Process Taguchi Multi-class Research and Development Destructiveness Innovation Designs


  • Ci-Syong You
  • Dyi-Cheng Chen
  • Chieh-Hsin Ni
  • Mu- Jung Yu



Nowadays the bicycle industry is prosperous, the Taiwan market mainly focused on higher-priced parts ofcomponents production and development, therefore ,this article mainly through the viewpoint of destructiveinnovation theory conduct the research, the purpose of the study are as follows: Using the theory of disruptiveinnovation to find the bicycle chain wheel asymmetric motives in the current market. And combined with QFD onthe concept of product development, To establish a set of concept evaluation program mode. In the QFD analysiscan be obtained the customer demand side by situation analysis from disruptive innovation theory, then to obtainquality characteristics by the patent analysis, to verify the model of this research how to develop Planning model ofproduct design and development, expecting integration the customer demand properly. Import the idea of molddesign and manufacturing technology creativity, coordinates the TRIZ theory to develop conflict matrix table andinvention principle, and to solve the contradiction of relationship of QFD quality characteristic. According to thesimulation of finite element method, by using Taguchi method analysis the optimal result, then carries on theforecast best numerical value by the heredity calculating method neural network, carrying on periment afterdetermining the optimum parameter. Finally, the experimental results of manufactured product prices is lower thanthe market quotation, therefore, to enter the market using the mold mass quantity manufactures, moreover, canverify the feasibility of using the theory of disruptive innovation to carry on cheap, simple and convenient.