A TRIZ Approach to Human Resource Management


  • Weishing Chen




 How to apply TRIZ approach to management areas, particularly in human resource management, is a subject worthy of study. Past TRIZ studies have shown that although the 40 principles of the invention with general fitness, but technical inventions in 39 technical parameters can’t be directly applied to the field of management, it needs to make different interpretations of the problem-specific management. In the study of contradiction matrix of management, determining management parameters is the primary research to construct a matrix of management conflict resolution. Purpose of this study was to investigate and analyze human resource management literature, through conflict management scenarios analysis, in order to create a human resource management conflicts matrix which is similar to the traditional techniques of conflict resolution in TRIZ matrix solution matrix. Making the separation principle and other innovative principles of the invention can be extended to human resources management areas, so that TRIZ tools in human resources management model can be effectively applied. This study analyzed two cases of human resources management, through scenarios events, this study resolves conflict management parameters (the optimal parameters, the deterioration of parameters) and use innovative principles to solve the human resource management problems.