Definition of System Innovation Degree and Its Measuring Method


  • Michael Yongmou Liu Consultant
  • Bill Yuanbo Liu



In classic TRIZ, Genrich S. Altshuller proposed five levels of innovation (LOI), but in practice, people are confused on how to evaluate the degree of an innovation when the solutions are within the same innovation level. It is almost impossible because the five levels of classification is vertical and qualitative designed.

To solve this problem, authors have a proposal in a new concept in horizontal and quantificational way—System Innovation Degree (SID), which with the support of International Patent Classification (IPC), it is measurable to the five levels of classification. The meaning of SID is that it could help people who want to solve the problems in the real world to evaluate the difference of the inventions particularly within the same level of LOI.

Finally, with the case using in real innovation work, the authors are able to explain the functions of SID concept and measuring method.

Author Biography

Michael Yongmou Liu, Consultant

GET Groups. Board Chairman