Teaching Disadvantage as an Appearance of Contradiction in basic TRIZ education


  • Alexander Priven ITC, Inc.
  • Yuriy Danilovsky Gen3 Partners Korea / QM&E
  • Sergei Ikovenko Gen3 Partners / Massachusetts Institute of Technology




In order to simplify realizing main categories of TRIZ and shorten the learning curve for basic TRIZ education, a new instrument is suggested. This instrument is based on the concept of disadvantage (DA) as a shortened and easier understandable form of physical contradiction. We suggest a new classification of DA that are generalized in five groups depending on the kind of critical resource of a system: Substance, Field, Time, Space, and Function, with total 30 typical DA. By analyzing the data about 5000 known inventions that came to the market, we have found most typical inventive principles, standards and trends known in TRIZ that are frequently used for overcoming each type of DA. The new tool links typical disadvantages to corresponding principles, standards and trends. Our practical experience of TRIZ education (in the form of coaching) demonstrates that the students better realize the studied TRIZ tools (trends, principles, standards), faster find the solution, and resolve greater percent of problems; therefore, the education becomes shorter and more effective.