Applying TRIZ Innovation Strategy on Improving Product Function-A Case Study of Whisk


  • Meanshen Liu
  • F. Y. Wu
  • S. H. Lee
  • P. H. Sheu
  • J. E. Lee
  • Z. Y. Hong



This study was conducted with the 40 innovation principles and 76 standard solutions of TRIZ to integrate the egg whisks and springs and to invent a self-cleansing egg whisk. This new innovation can easily remove the remained foods or materials from the steel wires of egg whisks. In this way, the cooks can keep hands clean and prevent the food being wasted.

    Based on the questionnaires, the researcher found that most of the testees supported the concepts of environment-friendly and energy-saving and they also agreed this self-cleansing egg whisk is a fantastic idea. They would like to use egg whisks in their own kitchens. The ideas of energy saving and food saving has been widely accepted. People showed their positively support toward the questionnaires with the average scores above 4.0. The self-cleansing egg whisks is positively affirmed.